What is There to Do on Doughty Street?

Doughty Street is one of the most iconic parts of London, and with just one glance, you’ll understand why. It’s breathtaking.

However, when you first get to Doughty Street, you might be a bit curious about what you should do first.

Here are a few recommendations that we think will steer you in the right direction.

1: Enjoy the Scenery

First and foremost, you should take some time to enjoy the scenery. Doughty Street is lined with well-maintained trees, the architecture is absolutely stunning and it all looks like it came right out of the classic 101 Dalmations movie we all loved as kids. If you don’t take time to take in the scenery, you’re missing out.

2: Charles Dickens Museum

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for a very long time, you know who Charles Dickens is. Well, he has his own museum dedicated to him and his work on Doughty Street. This is another key attraction that any literature lover will adore.

You can explore the museum on your own, or you can participate in one of the guided tours available. Taking a tour is recommended because the guides can add their own knowledge of the literary great to each piece you view.

3: Union Tavern and PimpShuei

If you’re the type of tourist that wants to immediately dive into the local cuisine and drink, or if you’re just hungry after a long day of exploring the city, you should head to Union Tavern or PimpShuei. These are two of the highest-rated pubs in the area, and they offer an astounding menu with a great selection of local brews.

This isn’t how we’d recommend starting your day during your visit, but when it’s time to wind down and fill up, these are two must-see spots.

4: Novelty Automation

Novelty Automation is another museum that is just off Doughty Street, but it’s a bit different than the other local museums. Instead of focusing on historical literary figures, the postal service, and other things, Novelty Automation is dedicated to odd examples of automation and mechanical novelties both new and old.

These can be anything from mechanical toys from the 1800s to odd statues that are more modern. If it has moving mechanical parts and a sense of novelty to it, you can see it in this museum. This is a great way to entertain the family, or if you’re on a business trip and need some fun entertainment, it can work for that, too.

5: Doughty Street Accommodation

Of course, all of those things are great, but one of the best things you can do on Doughty Street is temporarily live there. Buying real estate on Doughty Street would be an astronomical investment given its location and importance, but there are reasonably priced serviced accommodations you can book just like a hotel.

Doughty Street accommodation provides you with a full luxury apartment that is fully furnished, and whether you’re sticking to Doughty Street or heading out to the surrounding area, you’re bound to have a great time.

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