Quite early on in my blogging career, I reached the critical tipping point, the point at which you have sufficient readers to approach advertisers and tell them just how much they could gain from advertising on your blog. Initially, I was chasing advertisers, but soon I found myself in the luxurious position of having business come to me because they wanted to advertise on my site.

Now, a large number of service providers, product manufacturers and interest groups continue to buy advertising space on my blog, simply because they know it works. My site has such a large readership that any business can benefit from the huge exposure and a smartly crafted advertisement can certainly bring thousands of visitors to a website. Apart from the revenue ads provide me with, they are also beneficial to readers and broaden the spectrum of information the site provides. A reader on my site is obviously interested in visiting New Zealand and will require products and services to fulfill his dream and can now get all the information outlined in my content as well as be pointed to useful products and services through the ads. It’s a win-win for all, the reader, the advertiser and me!

Effective Advertising

My site gets a whopping 13’000 visitors per month, all with a vision of travelling to New Zealand, all seeking information about all things New Zealand. Advertisers have found the response to well-designed ads highly effective and profitable. The 13’000 monthly visitors represent a top target market for your business, service or product and our research has indicated that thousands amongst the visitors go on to visit our advertisers’ websites and to make purchases. The investment is small compared to the profits gained and that’s why numerous businesses and service providers run ads on my website on a continual basis.

Commercial Savvy

Years of collaboration between myself and advertisers have taught me exactly how to design, word and place effective ads to maximum financial benefit to advertisers. I work with advertisers in the ad design process, helping to craft the wording, select images, and choose the most powerful space on my website. A lot of thought, knowledge and planning is involved in the process, a process that is tailored to the many different needs of the advertiser. Supported by ample research data and website analysis, the entire process is geared towards maximizing the effects of your ad and making it profitable for you.

The Process

Once you have decided to advertise your product or service on my site, we will consult with you to find out what your objectives are. If you already have an advertisement ready for publication, I check it over to make sure it will yield the desired results. Placing ads correctly is just as important and we make sure that the particular blog post your ad is published on is relevant to your product or service and ties in beautifully. Most of the work is done by my team, all you really need to do is tell us about your business, provide an idea for the ad and we can take it from there and create a commercially successful and perfectly placed ad for you.

What to Do Next

If you would like to make the very smart move of advertising on my website, all you need to do is send me a message using the form below. Please write and let me know what type of business, product or service you provide, what your target market is and share your vision of the ad. We can then exchange ideas and determine the way forward.