Back at the time when I started my blog after arriving in Australia, I never imagined that I would be capable of carving a decent living out of it. Combining all three, my love of nature, travel and writing and create a blog from it has been a truly rewarding pursuit that I would gladly recommend to anyone who is that way inclined. In the process of populating my blog and growing the number of subscriptions, I have learned not just how to do exactly that, but also how important it is to collaborate with other bloggers.

Sharing and passing on readers works extremely well, and many of my readers originally came from sites I had submitted guest posts to. Equally, many of the contributors to my blog went on to grow enormous numbers of followers themselves, again proving the point of how important and ultimately effective blogging collaboration can be. If you have a passion for blogging and like to write on the broad subject of “New Zealand Travel” I would like to invite you to submit your article and contribute to my website and you can do so by outlining your idea using the contact form below and then we will discuss where to go next.

As a seasoned blogger, I gladly let you piggy-back on my success and will do all I can to help your venture succeed. Your contributions will also be of great benefit to my current readers, fresh voices and new perspectives are always welcome and essential to maintain blog quality and freshness.

If you are wondering why you should choose to submit a post to me rather than a different site, here are some reasons why:

Luxury Piggy-Back: If you are just starting off and are wondering where you are going to get a readership massive enough to attract advertisers and shiver to think just how you are ever going to achieve such a gigantic task, look no further. I have done it, with good, engaging writing, smart choice of words and images and last but not least by hooking my site up with more experienced bloggers as well as guest blogging. When you write for a prolific, well-earning site, your name and your work can literally skyrocket and by simply adding a link to your site in your post, you are calling thousands of readers to visit your site.

I will have you access my many thousand readers, I will have my many thousand readers enjoy your work and gently point out that your blog is even better than your excellent post. I have worked hard at becoming a successful blogger and know what a momentous task it can seem and that’s why I like to share the fruits of my labor with serious writers who provide top quality content.

For the Love of New Zealand & Wildlife: By submitting your top quality content to me, you join me in the pursuit of promoting New Zealand as a travel destination, providing guidance and information to locals and visitors and we can also work together in the preservation of New Zealand’s magnificent wild nature.

Topics: Finding an interesting New Zealand Travel related topic is easy, but if you would like some idea of what topics I like to cover on my website, here’s a list:

  • Airlines & Planes
  • Arts & Culture
  • Food & Restaurants
  • Health & Medicine
  • Hotels & Accommodation
  • Lifestyle
  • Photography Tips
  • Reviews
  • Travel Activities
  • Events & Festivals
  • Hiking
  • Nightlife
  • Outdoor
  • Wildlife
  • Travel Clothing & Equipment

In all likelihood, you already have a post title in mind or maybe you have already crafted a brilliant piece of writing on one of the topics listed. For those, filled with in-depth knowledge about New Zealand and with a head full of interesting facts about this wonderful place, but struggling to come up with a title, here are some sample article titles:

  • New Zealand at its Wildest – Where to Go When You Really Want To Get Away From Everything
  • Dolphins & Whales: The Wild Ocean Beauty of New Zealand
  • What Makes New Zealand Such a Great Place to Visit and Live

These are just some ideas, feel free to send me your ideas for pre-approval and I will gladly guide you along your blogging path.

How to Submit a Post

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I love reading work by other bloggers and look forward to a stimulating writing partnership.