Why Dubrovnik is Amazing

If you have the happy opportunity to visit the Croatian Dubrovnik, do not forget that the time in this city is completely different. The city revives the distant past, it captures and leads away from reality into the depths of centuries.

Dubrovnik is not just a city with a rich history and beautiful architecture. It is a revived medieval tale. Therefore, there is no end of tourists here all year round.

What do you need to know about the city now to plan an unforgettable trip? We will share with you 7 interesting facts about Dubrovnik, which will help you to better experience this amazing city.

Fact 1. This is the most beautiful city in Europe

At least that is what most travel publications say. Describing Dubrovnik, they often draw an analogy with Amsterdam and Venice. In fact, publications simply copy distorted information from each other, without trying to get to the bottom of the truth.

UNESCO truly recognized Dubrovnik as the most beautiful city in the Old World – but this applies to the Renaissance period. And the city was added to the honorary list of World Heritage sites, which proves its importance to world culture.

Fact 2. Fortified City

The freedom-loving Old Town securely fenced off from the invasion: the houses hid behind the fortress walls, and the approaches from land and sea covered Fort Bokar and the fortress of St. John.

The city also has two old monasteries. Their interior and exterior decoration will impress even the seasoned traveller. The government supports the program for the protection of cultural and architectural monuments, so here you will not find dilapidated old buildings. Dubrovnik is a living open-air museum for children and adults.

Fact 3. The opinion of the guest of honour

An interesting fact about Dubrovnik. In 1929, he was visited by the famous writer Bernard Shaw. His impressions of the city resulted in several insightful lines left in his personal diary. In it, the writer compared Dubrovnik with a paradise on earth.

Residents of the city were so touched by these words that they named one of the city streets after Bernard Shaw.

And since this street is considered one of the attractions of Dubrovnik, it is easy to find comfortable accommodation overlooking the Old Town and the sea coast.

Fact 4. Nudists, welcome!

All lovers of sunbathing and swimming in what the mother gave birth know that Croatia is a country where nudists are very tolerant. Behind the scenes, Dubrovnik is recognized as the world capital of nudism.

For tourists without complexes, Croatian resorts offer several places at once where they can rest without fear. The most famous is Lokrum Island. This is where the official nudist beach is located.

Fact 5. Here they filmed the cult series

All over the world, there is no better place than Dubrovnik for filming the epic series Game of Thrones.

So decided its creators, and we will willingly agree with them. Old Dubrovnik, supplemented by computer effects, at the time of filming turned into Vasteras, Royal Harbor.

Today, these places attract tens of thousands of fans of the cult ribbon, and at every corner in the souvenir shops selling items in the spirit of “Game of Thrones.” These are circles, T-shirts with prints, figurines and other knick knacks.

Fact 6. Dubrovnik has a patron

The flag of Dubrovnik depicts St. Blasius – the patron saint of the city. His majestic statue adorns the top of yet another local landmark, the old Dubrovnik church. The elder performs the role of one of 14 holy helpers, and in Dubrovnik, he has been worshipped, according to the chronicles, from the distant 971 years.

The legends say that it was he who warned the citizens about the collision and the upcoming attack on the city of the Venetians. Believing in the prophecy of the elder, the townspeople managed to prepare for the attack and successfully withstood the attack of the aggressors.

Fact 7. You will recognize him from a thousand

The first thing that catches your eye during a walk on the city walls is the terracotta roofs of the city. All the houses of the old Dubrovnik are built in the same style: the walls are light grey and the roof is red.

The skill of making special tiles was handed down from generation to generation, but despite this, the secrets of the old masters have not reached our days. Therefore, for the repair of the roofs, another tile was used – of course, also of terracotta colour.

The shade of the new roofs is slightly brighter, which is out of the general context but does not spoil the impression of the city.

Dubrovnik is a unique place. It fascinates with its history and literally envelops the atmosphere of a fairy tale. This is the city that many fall in love with within minutes and they keep coming back. Cosy old streets, unique atmosphere, picturesque landscapes and beautiful sea: Dubrovnik is a jewel box, where everyone will find a piece of happiness for themselves. Having known all this it is no wonder that the real estate market is booming in Dubrovnik and all acros Dalmatia.

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