iPhone X – the Best Mobile for Travel Photography

Of all the mobiles stocked by Sell My Mobile the Apple iPhone X is an outstanding model that’s perfect for travel photography. Sleek, versatile and lightweight, it produces sharp images ready for sharing or printing. And with storage of 64GB there is ample room for keeping a host of wonderful travelling memories.

The iPhone X

Launched in November 2017 to celebrate a decade of Apple mobiles, the iPhone X has reached an unrivalled level of sophistication. It’s powered by Apple’s advanced All Bionic Hexa Core 2.39GHz processor. The full colour graphics are superb ensuring crystal clear photographs which can be viewed on the 5.8″ display screen of 1125 x 1125 pixels. The iOS operating system combined with 3GB RAM and 64GB storage presents the streamlined reliability expected of a high-quality Apple product. The 2716 mAh battery provides standby time of around ten days ensuring it’s always ready for action. It’s also equipped with advanced face recognition security. Stylishly finished in space grey or silver, the iPhone X has a weight of just 174.07g making it comfortable to carry. The casing measures 14.48cm x 7.11cm and is wafer thin at 0.76cm ensuring easy handling when taking opportunistic photographs.

Camera Details

The versatile Apple iPhone X easily outpaces some of the best compact digital cameras. Its extensive range of functions produce images of stunning clarity and depth. The front camera has 7mp (f/2.4) which is perfect for taking selfies with great picture quality. The rear camera has a dual lens with 12mp (f1.8). The wide angle field of view that’s the equivalent of 50mm allows both close portrait shots and photographs in a wide landscape. The iPhone X also incorporates True Depth technology which enables both the front and rear cameras to capture images of the superb quality expected of a DSLR camera.

Camera Settings

There’s an extensive range of settings to control features such as field of view, lighting and filters. Whichever settings were last in use automatically remain in place for the next photograph which is ideal when capturing a succession of action shots. There is also the option of controlling the settings manually to provide even greater artistic creativity with all types of subjects including sunsets and atmospheric images. Adjustable lighting levels provide increased clarity and the results of photographs taken in low light conditions are particularly impressive. Even informal selfies can be enhanced through variable lighting modes.

Photographic Composition

The secret of many travel photographs is their composition. The iPhone X is ideally equipped to capture artistic shots. Stabilisation reduces camera shake ensuring crisp outlines without blurring. There is the choice of activating a squared grid within the photographic frame for alignment with the surrounding landscape. The grid doesn’t appear on the finished image. The High Dynamic Range is an advanced feature for truly artistic photography. Three different images can be merged into one to create a flawless photograph. With generous 64GB storage there’s adequate space for storing the originals alongside the HDR image.

Video Sequences

The iPhone X captures live action sequences in full HD 1080p producing perfect picture quality. The frames per second setting is adjustable from 30 to 240. There is also a slow motion option. Once activated the video sequence locks for the required length of time to maintain picture quality. Convenient and lightweight, the iPhone X from Sell My Mobile captures every detail for travel photography that is clear and creatively superb.

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