How to Sell your Property through the Lens

A sure way to get potential buyers through the door is by taking photographs that showcase the best features of your property. Generally, the lead photograph can have a significant effect on not only the saleability of your house but also the price. In fact, when done professionally one photograph can sell your home.

How good your house will look in a single shot is determined by a number of factors that are beyond its looks in reality. For instance, while your house may be tricky to the human eye, the absence of proper lighting and obstruction of the best view by trees can cause the photograph to suffer. Thus, you need to do everything possible to get the best shot.

This calls for thorough preparation of your property before beginning to take your marketing shots. You need to prepare properly and pay attention to a number of things before you can begin taking the shots. Remember, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Here are some simple tips to help you capture sensational photographs that will help you sell your property fast through the lens:

  • Remove cars from the driveway – Regardless of the car model that you have, always ensure that you remove all your cars from the driveway. This gives a prospective buyer an excellent opportunity to see the full glory of the property.
  • Open the internal doors– You can keep the front door closed and open the internal doors. This is a great way of increasing the amount of light coming in the room while also showing the flow of the house.
  • Remove all clutter and unsightly objects – Be sure to get rid of all clutter from sight before taking any photos. When captured, this can be an absolute turn off for prospective buyers who are envisioning themselves in a neat and tidy space. Clutter can also be eliminated through Photoshop where necessary.
  • Draw all the curtains – Curtains and blinds need to stay open during the shoot ostensibly to let in as much natural light as possible. Lighting is a major requirement for great photographs of your home.
  • Get the best shots – If you have spent money on specialized upgrades to your home such as new flooring, bathrooms, kitchens with new expensive worktops like Bushboard Encore, then make sure to get these in your photographs.
  • Turn of the television – While this may seem a little awkward, turning of the television is a great addition in the home, it does not add value to property photography. In fact, it will not improve your photos or help you sell your property because it is more of a distraction. Keep in mind that you only want buyers to see the good stuff only.
  • Get rid of wheelie bins – While wheelie bins are a necessity in the home, they do not add value when you are selling your house. Therefore, they must be removed from the shot taking your photos.
  • Keep the pets away – Just as it is during property viewing, pets must be kept away from the shot regardless of how cute they are. In fact, you need to ensure that all the evidence of pets like cushions that are riddled with hair are removed from the shots too.
  • Ensure there is no rubbish in the garden – While you may not be able to clear the garden or put all the rubbish out before taking your photos, you can actually take advantage of Photoshop to remove all rubbish from sight. While this may seem misleading, it is not because you will ensure that you have eliminated all the rubbish during viewing of the property.

When taking photographs of your property, you need to put your best foot forward and capture nothing but the best. You can also consider post production tricks as long as they are just fixing minor issues as opposed to providing a misleading image of the property.

The property experts at Ready Steady Sell have years of experience in staging houses for a quick sell through excellent photography. Not only have we invested in powerful cameras, our staff are always looking for opportunity to improve their skills.

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