Kitchen Must-Haves for A Foodie Who Loves to Cook but Hates to Clean

Cooking can either be a therapeutic experience, a passion, or a chore that you absolutely detest from the very bottom of your heart. Well, if you are from the first category, there is a high chance that you don’t like cleaning the utensils after. Frankly, we get it. You’ve already spent so much time and effort trying to get that perfect dish, cleaning the mess sounds so unappealing.

In this article, we will discuss a few kitchen must-haves for a foodie who loves to cook but hates to clean. If you find yourself relating to the above statement, read on to find solutions to your kitchen cleaning woes.

Kitchen Must-Have No. 1 – Dishwashers

Of course, we have to start the list off with this wonderful appliance! Who likes doing the dishes anyway, right? Especially after spending all those hours in the kitchen cooking.

Dishwashers are the perfect combination of looks with functionality. Not only does installing a dishwasher give a classy white to your kitchen, but it can make the task of doing dishes so much more convenient and easier. It is a wonderful addition to every kitchen that is designed to make your kitchen look great and your life easy. 

At the moment, there is a wide range of dishwashers available for purchase. Some of them contain advanced features and technology that can even be programmed from your phone or do the entire task of cleaning the dishes by themselves. Just take care to buy a dishwasher that fits within your budget and suits your lifestyle, and you’ll be set.

Kitchen Must-Have No. 2 – Silicone Baking Mats

These sheets are literally the best thing that could have happened to bakers. With the silicone material, the need to use foil, parchment paper, cooking sprays, and so on gets fully eliminated. Silicone baking sheets automatically create a non-stick layer between your pan and the batter of whatever it is that you are baking. Let us also not forget the other advantage of even heating to help you get that perfect cookie.

If you are more of a muffins and cupcakes kind of person, you can buy silicone muffin cups as well. These can safely be used in a microwave, oven, freezer, as well as a dishwasher. In a way similar to the silicone baking mats, you will not have to grease your pan which, in turn, will reduce the mess considerably. These silicone cups can also be cleaned in a much more efficient manner with almost no effort on your part. 

Kitchen Must-Have No. 3 – Vegetable Chopper

A vegetable chopper is not only compact in design, but they are very powerful and efficient as well. You can cut onions, tomatoes, potatoes, amongst other things in an easy and tidy manner. This already sounds amazing, right?

Since the design is mostly that of a container, there is no messy liquid dripping and vegetable pieces flying all over the place. You can also store the chopped pieces in the chopper as well. Another advantage of vegetable choppers is that they are made of durable material so you can use them on a daily basis.

Kitchen Must-Have No. 4 – A Multi-Section Pan

As the name suggests, this utensil gives you the advantage of preparing multiple meals in a single pan. This is even greater for a sumptuous breakfast as you can make eggs, fry bacon, and prepare pancakes—all at the same time! Then, of course, is the fact that you only need to clean a single pan. Say hello to many breakfast get-togethers with your friends and family!

Kitchen Must-Have No. 5 – Hanging Trash Bags

While you are cooking, a lot of small tasks are involved. You have to chop vegetables or fruits, open packages, break seals, and so on. Now, these discards can lead to the accumulation of garbage that requires cleaning.

It is better to keep a trash bin or trash cans near your cooking station. But, in most cases, this isn’t feasible. Enter hanging trash bags.

These trash bags can be easily attached to your kitchen drawers or cupboards facilitating easy discarding of garbage. Once you’re done cooking, you can easily toss away the bag. That is just how easy these trash bags are.

Kitchen Must-Have No. 6 – A Recipe Holder

Most of us prepare meals by following a particular recipe. Now, it is not really possible for you to remember everything on the recipe. As such, if you forget a certain ingredient or utensil, you have to stop and fetch it from either the refrigerator or cupboard. This can create a lot of mess as your hands might be dirty. Then there is also the chance you spill certain products on the recipe booklet.

With the help of a recipe holder, we can have the recipe directly in front of you without the fear of it getting damaged or ruined.

Kitchen Must-Have No. 7 – A Splatter Guard

One of the most common tasks of cooking is frying food. Frying can be quite messy as most of the kitchen area ends up getting coated with grease which can be very difficult to get rid of. Also, with the accumulation of grease over time, bacteria can start growing on it.

Keeping this in mind, it is better to invest in a splatter guard that can prevent grease splatters all over the kitchen. It’s also better for your safety as there is a lower risk of you getting burnt.

Kitchen Must-Have No. 8 – A Whisk Cleaner

Again, this piece of silicon or plastic can be great for bakers or pastry chefs. They’re also great if you are baking for the first time. We are all aware of how cleaning whisks can be tricky and directly licking it clean is deemed unhygienic for obvious reasons. Use a whisk cleaner instead. You can easily take the whisk cleaner off ensuring all the stuck batter or cream comes off with it once you’re done. See? Easy and hygienic.

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