Does Cbd Oil Help Sexually? – According To Doctor Monika Wassermann

Of the many emerging uses of CBD oil, as sold in one way by retailers such as JustCBD tinctures, how does cbd oil help sexually? Doctor Monika Wassermann helps us learn more…

Not only does CBD oil aid in sexual performance as a remedy for anxiety, many people may also benefit from its ability to enhance feelings. Finally, and maybe most importantly, CBD may help you enjoy your sexual experience more, as it increases stimulation in the erectile tissues, like your clitoris or penis, increasing sensations, making it easier to have orgasms.

Because psychology is usually associated with sexual excitement, those who have lower sexual desire who use CBD may feel an improvement in sexual desire. Since psychology is considered a major reason for decreased sexual drive, taking cbd oil for depression or for treating anxiety could be a smart move, and could potentially increase sexual desire.

Some of Doctor Monika Wassermann’s recommendations assembled on platforms such as Loxa Beauty are indeed physical CBD products, but the effects are positively psychological as well. By relieving stress and anxiety, and improving other health issues, Cannabidiol may potentially enhance male sexual desire and sexual performance. CBD (cannabidiol) has the potential characteristics to promote sexual performance through relieving anxiety and improving circulation, two common causes of decreased sexual desire.

More about Monika Wassermann, who is also an expert authority writer at Olio Lusso.

Using Cannabidiol to treat ED can help you relax and enjoy sex by relieving anxiety, just as anti-anxiety medications might, but with less of the potential side effects. While CBD is not a magic fix for making sex awesome, it can help to ease and manage issues that might prevent you from enjoying sex. Because we know that CBD helps alleviate anxiety, CBD might help men who are experiencing performance anxiety or sex-related stress.

Along with potentially strengthening the erections of men, CBD might help enhance experiences of women partners. The combination of CBD/THCV could help men with ED indirectly through decreased appetite, potentially contributing to weight loss. Researchers think CBD can enhance blood flow and circulation and that may enable men with erectile dysfunction to achieve and sustain erections better.

Researchers also believed CBD oil for erectile dysfunction could help slow messages sent to the brain, alter the calcium levels of brain cells, and reduce brain inflammation, which could all contribute to seizure prevention (Maroon, 2018). Evidence suggests that CBD could be a useful treatment for several anxiety disorders, but more studies are needed (Shannon, 2019 ). In terms of treating ED-related anxiety, some experts say CBD-rich oils could help. Whether you are suffering from severe stress and anxiety, or insomnia, digestive issues, physical pain, or, yes, problems in the bedroom, CBD oil can help.

While it is not completely understood, if you are struggling with dryness and painful sex, using a lubricant containing CBD may enhance your sexual performance and ease the pain. Many CBD manufacturers are making lubricants incorporating CBD as a means of increasing sexual pleasure. Chances are, you have also seen the explosion in CBD topicals (lubricants, creams, gels, and suppositories) and ingestibles (capsules, chews, and tinctures/oils) designed to improve your sexual life and sexual well-being. In the sex wellness space, CBD has been touted as the magic bullet treatment product that will exponentially enhance your sex life.

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