Where to Stay in Krakow?

First things first. There is no shortage of good accommodation at affordable prices in Krakow. No need to worry about where to stay in Krakow.

Isn’t it a good thing? You can enjoy great facilities without denting your wallet much. But it can be a bad thing too – in that, it is not easy to choose the best hotel among equals. 

Here is a simple tip that would make your job easier: Choose a location first and choose your hotel next.

Choose Your Location

Krakow is not a huge city. All the main attractions within the city are concentrated in a certain geographic area. If you do not have any specific preference or are not sure about the best area to stay in Krakow, choose a hotel in Stare Miasto, or more popularly known as the Old Town.

Choose any hotel in the Old Town, you will be staying quite near to the city center, St. Mary’s Basilica or the Wawel Castle. It means you will not have to travel too much between the tourist attractions and the hotel. You have a number of restaurant options as well, with some of them offering their services late into the night.

There are hotels of all hues in the Old Town, ranging from luxury boutique hotels to budget accommodation providers. So you can choose a hotel based on your budget. 

If you prefer to stay away in a more unconventional and trendy location, choose Kazimierz. It is the home of the erstwhile Jewish community in Krakow, which was demolished during the Second World War. It has been rebuilt into a stylish and culturally buzzing place that host avant-garde art galleries, bohemian pubs and niche eateries. 

Maybe you want to stay in a more relaxed place, away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. Well, in that case, you must check out the Krakow hotels in Kleparz. It is a residential neighborhood, famous for its vegetable and fruit market. 

Podgórze, which is nearby Kazimierz both geographically and culturally, is another off-beat location. You will love it especially if you like historic architecture and delicious food.

Now you know where to stay in Krakow. Now, what about the hotels?

Choose Your Hotel

If you have figured out a location, finding hotels is no big deal. For budget accommodation, check out Airbnb Krakow in any of the above-mentioned locations. Here are some of our unbiased suggestions about the best place to stay in Krakow.

For more luxurious options in the Old Town, check the reviews of Galaxy Hotel Krakow. It is in the Old Town, but Kazimierz is also nearby. So you can have the best of both worlds.

Hotel Legend Krakow is located at the heart of the Old Town, at a hand-shaking distance from the Wawel Hill. The hotel itself is located in a historic building. 

Qubus Hotel Krakow must perhaps be the trendiest hotel in the whole of Kazimierz, while Hotel Alexander Krakow is another excellent accommodation option in the Old Town.

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