Welcome to New Zealand – The Land of New Beginnings

I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful British family a few weeks ago, who have stayed in my mind ever since our encounter. Whilst guiding them, and a group of other hiking enthusiasts, on a trip of the many breath-taking views of the New Zealand backdrop, I began speaking to this family in more detail.

However, this family weren’t tourists, but rather a British born and bred family who had, a year earlier, moved to New Zealand to make it their new home. They have also had a brush with the celebrity life as they had been part of a British TV show titled A New Life in Oz, which followed six UK families who were leaving the shores of Britain for a completely new way of life in Australia and New Zealand.

Is the Grass Greener in New Zealand?

This family were now residing in New Zealand and I was captivated by their story, as to how and why they made that final jump across a very big pond indeed! You see, to us locals, our country is humble and modest. Sure, we would never want to live elsewhere, yet we are always intrigued at the variety of reasons people up and leave the only home they’ve known all their lives, and make that daunting trip across to the other side of the world.

Usually, there are no friends or family members waiting for them when they arrive – with just a house and a job to greet them. However, I remain in awe of the hundreds of families who make this life changing decision and opt for a better quality of life.

The Many Reasons Why People Migrate to New Zealand

I may be bias by association with this wonderful place of heaven, but I feel that New Zealand offers an alternative way of living, so, it’s no wonder we are favoured as one of the most popular of migration destinations! With the stunning costal views that residents wake up to, and the abundance of wildlife that makes this place its home, it is perhaps a stark alternative to the cities, congested roads and multi-storey buildings that some people have grown up with as their immediate landscape.

Us New Zealanders are A Friendly Bunch

Perhaps it’s because we adopt a different motto or mantra, but we welcome all visitors and indeed newbies to this island with open arms. Culturally, New Zealand never stops learning or growing, and we pride ourselves on our open approach to migration. Just be warned though; you may come along on holiday, but you may not want to go back home once you’ve had a taste of the New Zealand way of life!

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