Which Part of the UK Should You Visit for Holiday?

The UK is huge. There’s a lot more to it than just Britain and the royal family. That’s where a lot of foreigners mess up. They make plans for a UK holiday thinking it’s all close together and easily accessible, and they end up spending a huge portion of their vacation traveling via car and plane.

Well, if you do realize that the UK is pretty large, you’re probably wondering what part of it you should visit for your next vacation.

We have three recommendations that we think you’ll love.

1: Devon

Devon is a fairly large area, and it is known for its multitude of beaches, natural attractions, and of course, its massive holiday parks.

These features make Devon perfect for family outings. You can easily find a ton of attractions on your own, and if you opt for a holiday park, you’re in for a major treat. You’ll have waterparks, horseback riding, family sports facilities, and more to enjoy during your stay, and they’re all on the resort. This is definitely our recommended spot for family vacations.

However, it can lack the intimate experiences needed for couples’ getaways, and while it’s fun solo, it’s a lot more exciting with loved ones.

2: London


London is the big one, and basically, everyone knows about it. This is the crown jewel of the UK.

Because of London’s significance in global business and political dealings, it’s a prime spot for business trips. However, it’s also great for solo trips and couples’ getaways thanks to the more modern attractions.

If you opt to go to London, you’ll have a ton of things to check out; especially if you’re on a business trip and want to keep yourself busy while you’re off work.

In London, you have the attractions everyone knows about. You can visit Big Ben, check out the Royal Palace, or see any of the other multitudes of historical monuments and buildings that are in the city. However, there is also plenty of room for lavish shopping trips, pub crawls, and more.

Another good point about London is that you can get London serviced apartments. A serviced apartment is like a hotel, but you get a whole luxury apartment rather than just a tiny hotel room. They don’t even cost much more than a traditional hotel. So, it’s a no-brainer. 

3: Bristol

Bristol is the perfect spot if you’re looking to take your significant other on a romantic getaway. We’ll focus on three aspects.

First, Bristol has the same type of serviced apartments as London. So, you can get a very impressive living arrangement for the duration of your stay, and you won’t pay much more than the cost of a hotel room.

Then, you have the local entertainment. There are several local entertainment venues spread across the city’s streets, but we’ll use Smoke and Mirrors as an example. It’s a magic and comedy combination club. You can get an interesting show that makes you laugh out loud, and it’s in an intimate setting with plenty of drinks and food to keep the good times rolling.

Then, when you’re done with your entertainment, you can head down to the historic harbor. The harbor was made in the early 1800s, and it’s why Bristol is the economic powerhouse it is, today. However, the old seaside warehouses are now converted into pubs selling the best local brews and food, along with shops for you to pick up souvenirs.

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