Ways to Improve the Value of Your Home

Homeowners who want to increase the value of their houses have several options. In the modern real estate market, unique features can be key selling points, as can up-to-date kitchens and bathrooms. In new developments, for example, elevators designed for placement in homes are becoming more common. That means owners of existing, perhaps slightly older, homes are turning not just to roof replacements, kitchen upgrades and bathroom improvements to boost resale value. There are dozens of ways to make a residence more marketable, and today’s homeowners are keeping plenty of options on the table.

Modernize Bathrooms and Kitchens

Realty experts generally agree the two highest-traffic zones in the modern home are bathrooms and kitchens. That’s one reason appraisers usually hone in on information about these two rooms when determining the value of a residential structure. For homeowners, statistics usually show that upgrading a kitchen or bathroom is the single best return on investment you can make when aiming to boost your home’s monetary value.

Another reason for the popularity of bathroom and kitchen remodel jobs is this: for minimal cost compared to other room improvements, practically anyone can do a fast, cost-efficient remodel of a kitchen or bath area. A bonus is the fact that many of the projects that comprise these tasks are DIY, which means you can take your time and do them in steps as your budget allows. There’s no reason to come up with a lot of cash on day-one. Plus, you can acquire some basic skills that will serve you well in the future.

Architects have a routine question they like to ask homeowners: “Aside from your sleeping hours, in what rooms of your home do you spend the most time?” Ask yourself and see whether you come up with the most common top three responses: kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms.

Add a Home Elevator

Putting an elevator in your home can increase the resale value and open up the range of potential buyers who are looking for unique mobility features like lifts, ramps and walk-in showers. Many new homes are arriving on the market already equipped for elevator installation, complete with closet-over-closet construction that allows for simple addition of an elevator should the owner decide to put one in.

Some new homes are being built new with elevators as part of the original floor plans. No longer a rarity, home lifts, installed by several different companies, are a top priority for many long-term owners who plan to enjoy their middle and post-retirement years in the same home. The decision is usually as easy as first choosing exactly where to install Stiltz home lift or home elevator and then selecting among style options. No matter the size or style, an in-home elevator is one of the most reliable ways to add significant value and a unique selling feature to any old or new home.

Spice Up Paint & Landscaping

Sprucing up an older or run-down home with a fresh coat of paint and a top-notch landscaping job is one of the fastest, least expensive ways to add value. Anyone who has ever sold a house understands the power of aesthetics. A good paint job and a professional re-do of all the plants, trees and grass, in front and back, makes any home more marketable. Homeowners on a budget often begin with a do-it-yourself paint job and some low-cost “sprucing up” of all landscaping elements. It’s a smart, low-cost approach for adding value to your home.

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