Travelling to Rome? Here’s What to Expect

If you’re heading to Rome soon, you’re in for a treat. The beautiful city has a lot to offer international visitors – it’s a sightseeing paradise with plenty of landmarks to photograph. After a busy day on your feet, you can reward yourself with some great Italian food, which is famous worldwide. All in all, you’re in for a great time. Here’s what you should expect:

  1. Amazing food

 Instead, spend it on the amazing food on offer. Although dishes around the country are full of flavour, Lifehack’s list of reasons to visit Rome cites the following as the city’s specialities: spaghetti alla carbonara which basically is pasta dressed with eggs, bacon and pecorino cheese, baccala which is dried salted cod, and bicatiniall’amatriciana which are tube shaped pasta with tomatoes, sliced pork, onions, red chili and white wine. Our taste buds can’t wait.

  1. Spectacular architecture

Rome’s past includes being the capital to some of the most important empires and nations in history. With every one, more breath-taking buildings were added. As a result, the city is full of spectacular architecture – it’s the first thing you’ll notice upon your arrival.

Key spots include the Pantheon, the Coliseum, the Spanish steps, St. Peter’s Square, and Navona Square.

  1. Lots of shopping

Stuff say the shopping is yet another reason to visit Rome. The city showcases how far Italian fashion has come since the 1920s when keen Roman fashionistas used to importtheir clothes from Paris.

Head to the Via del Corso to find international labels and high street favourites. If you’re looking to treat yourself with a more expensive high-end treat (non-Pope related), go to Via deiCondotti and the other streets radiating out from Piazza di Spagna. South of Via Nationale, you’ll find the Monti area, home to more boutique shopping opportunities.

  1. Rubbish souvenirs

First up, let’s get the worst thing out of the way – the tacky souvenirs. Rome has so much amazing culture and history to experience, but it’s seems any chance to make some money and people will take it.

As a result, you’ll be surprised at the amount of Pope-related tack that’s available. The Secret Traveller names a few – Pope calendars, Pope key rings, Pope mugs, Pope badges, Pope aprons and even Pope bottle openers. Don’t waste your money.

  1. Friendly locals

Last but by no means least, we’ve got the friendly locals known for being hospitable. But it’s not just businesses that’ll treat you well, the city’s residents are all helpful and polite.

Have you visited Rome? Share your experiences with us.

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