Tactics For Earning While Exploring

Travelling is unavoidable in this day and age as many activities are wide spread and people want to explore the world when they can. This leaves them no option but to leave their work and their daily routine just to move to different parts of the world. In this article we shall discuss ways in which one can travel and make money while at it without feeling they have left their income generating activities behind or loose on the money they should have made when they are in their usual activities. Payment options can be in pay pal option where it is recognized in many places and therefore so easy to transfer to the individual account or new age currency like bit coin

Ways in which money can be earned when travelling is;

Spread betting

Most of the online trading companies are universal and people can access from anywhere in the world which enable people to trade on movement of prices on shares, currencies, commodities. It speculates security prices therefore one has to check on the bid and the offer if it has a lower bid and a higher offer. One can earn if they do a good speculation and earn from the betting. You only really need to have your computers,phones,modem or wifi connection and electricity to access it from anywhere in the world. An example would be a company quoting a bid of $100 and an offer of $105 for an x stock, and you are certain that it is lower and bet $3 for each dollar falling below the $100 if then the stock came to $90 then you receive $30 but it goes higher then one loses. One has to have a good instinct and follow on the past trends to make best results using platforms like CMC Markets Spread Betting.

Street performing

People have talent like dancing,acting,painting,that they can use on the streets to raise money that can be helpful to get meals,accommodations or even saving for travelling, most of the countries have always and therefore one should be careful not to get in trouble by breaking any kind if law in a foreign country.


Making connections through social media can be a good arrangement to know what services you can provide in an area you are traveling to for booking placements. It can be web developing, dancing, languages, music; it is fun and enjoyable as you can be able to interact with strangers a lot.

Being a guest lecture

Negotiating a placement in advance say you are travelling in a remote area can be good especially if you have a skill to offer, this can be lecture on a course that the community could be lacking and thus you share knowledge and learn even better when doing this kind of things.

Summer camp work

This can be in terms of volunteering in activities they are doing say projects or being creative in many ways, this is fun as summer camps engage in beautiful places like mountains, lakes ,oceanic areas and it’s a good way to relax. Many people arranging the summer camps don’t charge the volunteers for accommodation or food and hence one saves a lot In the long run.


This is good for people who are go getters and can see opportunity in areas where others feel lazy to explore. In many areas where there are tourists common, they can offer discounts and even commissions on the tourists you bring them. Once you have a good rapport with them then the trust comes in handy and you can be traveling almost free for the deals you cut with the hotel owners and the tours companies.

Seasonal working visa

Most of touristy areas have high season jobs in waiting, meaning one can apply to work in bars, restaurants, but is an advantage if you have a work permit with you as it’s easy to integrate and also by learning their language can be so much easier.

Tour guiding

If you have travelled in a certain country for a while then it becomes much easier for you to maneuver the areas and even know the attractive areas where the tourists love going to .you could be a tour guide for a donation and make money in the long run

In conclusion,everyone should know how easy one can make money even if there are not in their work place or country they live.travelling is fun and refreshing and doesn’t have to be enjoyment and relaxing alone.

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