Experiencing the Great Outdoors Can Be the Only Prescription You Need

Depression is one of the most common conditions of humanity. No matter the age, sex or race, no-one is immune to it. Regardless of worth or status, depression can often hit people when they least expect it – and often for no reason other than because it simply does.

Whilst many treatments are precsiribed by the local health authorities, more than often they will involve medication. Whilst I do not deny that medication has its place, I like to see health professionals, and indeed sufferers, attempt to try something as an alternative to anti-depressives, using medication as their last resort.

Get Out into The Open Air

Being out in the fresh open air helps lift my mood. I am very lucky to make my living from the outdoors, and I have worked in this most natural of environments since leaving school. I realise that for many others, it is usually an office or shop or factory where the working day is spent. However, it is vital to get out when you can if your work keeps you inside for most of the day:

  • Take a walk around your local area at lunch time
  • Find a quiet and pleasant spot
  • Sit and watch the world go by whilst having something to eat
  • Put your headphones and a pair of sunglasses on if you really don’t want to be disturbed!
  • Attempt this as many times as you can during the working week.

Continue Your Excursions into The Evenings

In the evenings, go for a nice casual stroll. Whether walking the dog around the block or drifting out a little bit further to green pastures, make the effort to implement this into your routine. You’ll be amazed at how refreshing this is – and a great way to round off your evening. Once you get home from work, switch on the TV and hit that sofa, you are less likely to have the enthusiasm to want to get out, so make your walk a priority.

Arrange Weekend Outdoor Activities

If your weekends are work free, arrange to do something out in the open. Whether joining a walk or hike, bird watching or even a day at the beach, having something planned to look forward to can lift your mood mid-week, when the going perhaps gets a bit tougher.

Better still, don’t stop what you are doing just because the weather begins to change. Work with it and dress to the seasons, organising your activities around them as you do. You will be amazed at how wonderful it is to watch the environment around you change with the seasons, thus giving you that extra reason to get out and stay outdoors during the tougher days.


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