Compare Prices On Mobile Recycling Websites

The only thing more exciting than buying a new phone is being able to sell an old phone for cash. With so many consumers ready to invest in the new phone models, older smartphones get left behind to collect dust. Many of these leftover phones are in great condition and function perfectly. The only reason people stop using these old phones is to buy the new ones. Smartphone companies like Samsung and Apple have conditioned consumers to be ready on a yearly basis for their new releases.

According to one estimate, US consumers have stopped using a total of $47 billion worth of old phones. These prices are taking into account the cost of used phones. What many people don’t realize is that used smartphones can be worth a lot of money. Instead of leaving these phones around to gather dust, users should find ways to make a sale. That extra money made from an old phone can be used to buy a newer model. Fortunately, there are several websites that purchase used phones. These websites are easy to use and offer very quick payments. This article will discuss how these websites work and how to compare their prices.

How Smartphone Recycling Websites Work

Smartphone recycling websites have very simple layouts and are intuitive to use. The first step is to type the specific brand name or model of the phone being recycled. Users will then to choose an exact match for their phone from a list of results. The selection must be as specific as possible. For example, users must select an option like ‘ iPhone 7 32GB ‘. A majority of these recycling websites will then ask a few questions to better understand the condition of the phone. Users will then be provided with an offer from the website. Most websites offer same-day payment and excellent customer service. All you have to worry about is mailing in the phone to the correct address.

How to Compare Prices Between Sites

Although these recycling websites provide the same service, the prices offered for smartphones may vary between each platform. Since everyone wants to get the most money for their old phones as possible, many people are eager to know how to compare these prices. The most time-consuming method would be manually searching each website to see their offers. However, there is a much quicker and easier way. There are specialized websites that will check dozens of different recycling companies to see which offers the highest price for a particular smartphone.

The two highest-rated websites offering this comparing service include Compare My Mobile and Compare And Recycle. Users can simply type-in the name of their phone and then select the storage capacity. In full print, this will look like ‘ iPhone 7 32GB ‘. This detailed information helps to increase the accuracy of the search results. Both of these comparison websites will provide a long list of offers from different recycling websites. Users can choose to list these results by the highest price or by the highest company rating. Another great feature of these comparison websites is that they list the payment methods available through each website. This is another way to ensure that users find exactly what they’re looking for.

How to Get the Most Value Out of Your Phone

Before even comparing the offers from different phone recycling sites, there are a few strategies to help increase the value of your phone. First and foremost, ensure that the phone is functioning properly. All applications and buttons should work without any issues. It is also important to remove any blemishes, scratches or dirt that are readily apparent. Phone’s with cracked screens may even need to be fixed before selling them online. Although these websites offer money for nearly all phone models, they pay less for many different reasons. Older and more damaged phones tend to receive lower offers than newer models.

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