Are Couple’s Caravan Holidays Worth it?

When you think of the caravan holidays Devon has to offer, you probably think of family-friendly endeavors with whole families enjoying a day at the beach, splitting into teams on the tennis court, and playing on playgrounds. You probably don’t think of romantic couple’s getaways that are perfect for bonding.

However, they’re actually perfect for that, too.

It’s true that caravan holiday resorts are geared towards being family-friendly, but there are plenty of things to do that couples will absolutely love.

Here are the top three things we recommend couples do during a caravan holiday in Devon.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is especially fun for couples. Whether you’re seasoned pros who own your own horses at home, or you’ve never even stepped close to a horse, Devon’s holiday parks are equipped to give you the ride of a lifetime.

You and your partner can enjoy riding the trailers with an expert guide teaching you the ropes in a safe, exciting, and somewhat romantic environment.

This is the perfect daytime activity to help couples bond, and it’s included in a Devon holiday park pass. So, you might as well work it into your trip early.


The pubs around Devon mostly accept children, and the pubs at the resorts are relatively family-friendly. However, they’re still predominantly adult atmospheres that are great for couples to let loose and enjoy a good time.

After a long day of horseback riding, enjoying the natural sights, and generally having a good time, this can be the perfect way to close out the evening.

All of the pubs are serving up the finest local ales, popular liquors, and fanciest mixed drinks. However, consuming alcohol isn’t all there is to do at the pub.

You’ll also be able to enjoy an atmosphere of comradery with your fellow guests, challenge each other to classic pub games, and of course, enjoy a delicious meal made of traditional British foods and unique house recipes.

Pubs are everywhere across the UK, but when you go to a Devon pub on holiday, it just feels different. This is definitely a must-experience part of any couple’s trip.



The resorts have built-in hiking paths through all-natural terrain. This can be a great way for couples to get away from other guests, take in some new sights, and enjoy each other’s company.

If you plan ahead and make a whole day of it, you can even pack an easy lunch and step just off the trail for a picnic you’re sure to remember.

The trails around the Devon resorts are well-maintained, embody natural beauty, and are an absolute treat to explore. Don’t be afraid to leave the luxury of the resort to see what the trails have to offer.

Couples Will Love a Caravan Holiday in Devon

While caravan holidays are typically considered family affairs, they are amazing opportunities for couples, and you’ll be able to make unique memories that you simply wouldn’t be able to anywhere else.

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